A major disaster can occur at any time without warning.  Whether it is an earthquake, a wildfire, a major hazard spill or any other Disaster.  Although measures are taken to minimize the potential impact of these disasters, they are not preventable.  Therefore, preparedness is vital for any community.  Preparedness at first glance reduces the potential casualties due to the disaster.  Beyond the public safety aspect, preparedness allows for faster recovery and resume of normal life.

There are many steps taken by Federal, State and Local governments to ensure emergency preparedness.  The City of La Canada Flintridge, as your local government continually makes emergency preparedness a high priority for the community.  From ensuring a fully functioning emergency operation center to working with first responders, the City ensures it is ready to respond to the next disaster.

Just as local agencies must prepare, emergency preparedness includes the public’s preparedness as an individual.  During a major disaster, the likelihood of emergency responders not being able to get to you due to scarce resources or lack of access is high.  Therefore, it is vital for you to be prepared just as your community is.