In the event of an emergency, damage and harm can sweep through cities so quickly, and it is your job to keep your family safe. Although the destruction is inevitable, protecting your family and making emergency kits and evacuation plans go a long way to be fast enough to avoid the worst effects of a disaster. By preparing yourself well for such events, you can help save lives, especially the ones you are closest to. 

  • Find a First Aid Class near, so that in the event of an emergency, you are well-prepared if an emergency response team cannot get to you quickly enough.  
  • Making a first aid kit (like as described in this FEMA supported web page here and this American Red Cross page here) is also an essential component in the event of a disaster to you and your family’s safety. In these types of cases, you might have to move fast in a moment’s notice to evacuate. If you are stuck in a situation, and while a response team will come to the disaster grounds as soon as they can, it may take hours, or it make even take days for them to reach you. With the possibility of electricity lines cut off, interrupted water lines, etc., you must have an emergency kit to sustain you and your family in such an event.  
  • You should keep a first aid kit/emergency kit at home, in your car, and at work.  
  • Keep in mind that an essential safety emergency kit list may need to be altered for you and your family’s personal needs, such as diapers, prescription medication, etc.