Volunteerism is an important aspect of any community.  Residents and visitors volunteering for worthy causes and or community improvement project feel empowered while providing a benefit to other.  Many youth organizations such as Boys/Girls/Eagle Scouts have some aspect of volunteerism instilled in their members.  Understanding the importance of volunteerism, the City maintains a list of potential projects with could be performed as a community service project for those interested.  If you are interested in taking the lead on performing and completing any of the following projects, please contact Arabo Parseghian, Division Manager at aparseghian@lcf.ca.gov 

Project Brief Scope of Work Location
Paint Walls at Cornishon Tennis Courts Two lower walls, wall between courts and wall on the Cornishon Field. The uppermost wall has already been completed. FIS Tennis Courts. Cornishon Avenue
Paint Walls at FIS Lower Field and Cornishon Field Paint the field perimeter walls from the Cornishon Avenue side. FIS Lower and Cornishon Field. Cornishon Avenue
Beautifying Garden Working with City staff on beautifying the planter areas throughout the City. Citywide (Lanterman Auditorium, Parks, etc)
Lanterman House Gardens Coordinate with the volunteer group to plant/maintain the vegetable garden at Lanterman House. Lanterman House, 4420 Encinas Drive

Note: these projects are designed to be completed by volunteers with minimal involvement by City staff providing a sense of accomplishment at the end of the project.  Many of these projects are completed by a group of volunteers.