Projects Out to Bid

Requests for Proposals

Title Due Date
Lanterman House
Maintenance Improvements
Proposals are due by 2:00pm, November 21, 2019

Capital Improvement Projects

Capital Improvement Projects (CIPs) are considered a major, non-routine expenditure for new construction, major equipment purchases or improvements to an existing building, facility, land, streets, storm drains, or utilities, or the expansion of the City parks system.

Active Project Status

Title Description Status
Chevy Chase Drainage Improvements (including Miscellaneous Guardrail Repair) Construction in progress and scheduled to be completed by the end of August 2019.
City Hall ADA Improvement Install an accessible ramp to the main entrance of City Hall. Construction in progress.
FIS Tennis Court Resurfacing Resurface all eight tennis courts at FIS Tennis Courts. Construction scheduled to start on October 15, 2019.
Padres Trail Desilting Basin Construction began on August 26, 2019.
City Hall West Entrance Improvement Improve west entrance of City Hall, including an accessible path of travel. Construction began on August 26, 2019.