Permits are required for the Parking of recreational vehicles in the public right of way (LCFMC 8.11.020) or the front yard setback (LCFMC 11.11.050(D)(4)(g)).

A “Recreational Vehicle” is defined as a motorized or non-motorized vehicle primarily designed for recreation, camping, animal transportation, human habitation, or similar uses. Examples of recreational vehicles include but are not limited to any of the following: motor homes, trailers, boats, all-terrain vehicles, or similar vehicles. Pickup trucks with attached utility camper shells not designed for animal transportation, camping, or human habitation, and used primarily for transportation and/or commercial use are excluded from this definition.

Only a property owner can apply for a permit and the oversized vehicle must be parked in the public right of way abutting the applicant’s property or in the front yard setback of the applicant’s property. Applications not submitted by a property owner are considered invalid and are subject to citation or tow.

Permits are limited to 14 days per calendar year, per vehicle license plate. The permit will indicate how many days the vehicle is allowed to be parked. Permits are issued for a 24 hour period. A permit can be issued for as little as 1 day or as long as 14 days.

Please complete the following permit application, once submitted a permit will be made available to print. Please place the permit face-up on the driver’s side of the dashboard of the recreational vehicle.
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RV Permit- Display on the Vehicle

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Please cut where indicated and display permit on the driver’s side of the recreational vehicle’s front dashboard, permit information visible from outside the vehicle. Improperly displayed permits may result in citation.

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