City of La Cañada Flintridge Zoning Code Update

The City of La Cañada Flintridge (City) initiated a comprehensive update to the Zoning Code (Title 11) of the La Cañada Flintridge Municipal Code (LCFMC) in the autumn of 2014, after the update of the General Plan was adopted (January 2013). The City adopted Los Angeles County’s zoning ordinance in 1974 after the City’s incorporation, and it never has been comprehensively updated.

When the update process was initiated, several workshops were held to solicit early direction, including two public workshops with a Code User’s Group and one with a Mayor’s Committee. Additionally, the Planning Commission has held four public workshops between November 8, 2016 and April 11, 2017 to discuss and provide direction regarding several key policy issues and review draft language proposed by Staff. The Planning Commission’s direction regarding the topics discussed have been incorporated into the draft updated Zoning Code. Additional opportunities for public input regarding the Public Review Draft will be provided as the review process moves forward.

Zoning Code Update Frequently Asked Questions

Preliminary Hearing Schedule

Public Meeting 6-3-221 Presentation

Public Meeting 5-20-2021 Presentation

Public Meeting 5-01-2021 Presentation

Public Meeting 4-15-2021 Presentation

Public Meeting 3-18-2021 Presentation

Public Meeting 2-18-2021 Presentation

Public Meeting 2-06-2021 Presentation

Public Meeting 1-21-2021 Presentation

Public Meeting 3-7-2020 Presentation

Public Meeting 2-20-2020 Presentation

Public Meeting 2-1-2020 Presentation

Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance Presentation 11-14-19

DRAFT Zoning Map

The existing Zoning Code will be replaced in its entirety with the updated Zoning Code.

Overview of Key Changes

Master Table of Contents

Chapter 11.1 – General Provisions

Chapter 11.2 – Administration

Chapter 11.3 – Zones, Allowable Land Uses, and Zone-Specific Standards

Chapter 11.4 – Special Regulations

Chapter 11.5 – General Regulations

Chapter 11.6 – Land Use and Development Permits and Procedures

Chapter 11.7 – Subdivisions (Reserved)

Chapter 11.8 – Definitions