2022-23 Mayor’s Assignments

OUTSIDE AGENCY REPRESENTATIVES Voting Delegate Delegate Alternate
Arroyo Verdugo Communities JPA (AVCJPA) Walker Gunter
BSDC & Economic Development Gunter Eich
California Contract Cities Association Davitt Gunter
Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors Eich Gunter
City Selection Committee (Mayoral) Eich Gunter
League of California Cities Governing Board Gunter Walker
Northern Corridor Cities MTA Representative Eich Gunter
San Gabriel Valley COG Board of Directors Gunter Bowman
So. Calif. Assoc. of Gov’ts. (SCAG) General Assembly Eich Davitt
Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Board Bowman Davitt
Greater LA County Vector Control District Board Pieroni
LCF Sister City Representative (Mayoral) Eich Gunter
CA Joint Powers Insurance Auth. Board of Directors Eich Gunter Alexander

Audit & Finance Subcommittee Eich Gunter
Climate Action Plan Subcommittee Bowman Gunter
Property Management/Leasing Subcommittee Davitt Walker
Joint Use Committee/School District Liaison Eich Walker
Investment & Financing Advisory Committee Liaison Eich Davitt
Legal Subcommittee* Eich Bowman
Information Technology Subcommittee Eich Gunter
Solid Waste Subcommittee Walker Eich
Soundwalls Subcommittee Eich Davitt
Beautification & Preservation Subcommittee Wallker Gunter
Permit/Development Streamlining Subcommitte Davitt Gunter
School District Territory Transfer Subcommittee Walker Eich
Housing Element Subcommittee Eich Gunter
Appointee Review Subcommittee Davitt Eich
Sewer Subcommittee Eich Davitt

* The Legal Subcommittee provides advice and makes recommendations to staff and/or the full City Council on pending claims matters, risk management practices and/or proposed amicus participation.

OUTSIDE AGENCY APPOINTEES Delegate Delegate Alternate
L.A. County Sanitation District 28 – Chair Davitt
L.A. County Sanitation District 34 – Chair Davitt
National League of Cities – CA Small Cities (Mayoral) Eich Gunter
SCAG Regional Council District #36 Representative Eich
SGVCOG Transportation Committee Bowman Gunter