Foothill Link Project- 3 Week look Ahead Schedule

The City is constructing the Foothill Link Bikeway and Pedestrian Greenbelt Project. The Project will create a half mile of Class I bicycle and pedestrian paths, and two miles of Class II bike lanes with bicycle amenities between La Canada Plaza Road and Hillard Avenue.  In addition, the existing pavement will be resurfaced and restriped, the street lighting and traffic signals will be upgraded, and new medians will be installed. The final striping of the road will provide for 2 travel lanes in each direction and a median as illustrated below. New trees and plants will beautify the streetscape and pedestrian paths. Planting of the medians will take place in a subsequent contract in 2022.

Construction started on January 3, 2022 and last until June 2022, taking place between the hours of 7:30 AM and 3:30 PM. Throughout this period, traffic will be limited to one lane of travel in each direction, with no left turns out of driveways or intersecting streets and no public parking on the streets between La Canada Plaza Road and Hillard Avenue.



Questions Answers
1. How long will Foothill Boulevard at the project location be reduced to a single lane of travel in each direction? 1. Until the project’s completion anticipated to be concluded by June 30, 2022.
2. Will Foothill Boulevard be reduced to a single lane of travel in each direction after completion of the project? 2. No, Foothill Boulevard will still have two lanes of travel in each direction after completion of the project. The reduction on travel lanes is only necessary during the construction process to allow for completion of the work and staging of equipment.
3. I heard that the on-street parking adjacent to the YMCA will be lost due to the project? 3. No, the “bulb-out” feature of the project that would have eliminated some on-street parking has been removed, so no on-street parking will be lost.
4. Will Foothill Boulevard be closed entirely in any direction at any point during the project? 4. At no point during the construction process will there be a fully planned closure of Foothill Boulevard in either direction of travel.