NextBus, a free tool for both frequent riders and those new to transit, provides access to information about not only when the next Glendale Beeline or LCF Shuttle bus is scheduled to arrive and where you may catch it, but also when you will arrive at your destination.

The tool also links to the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro).

NextBus makes riding the bus easier by providing real-time, information, accessible through a mobile application, online or through text messages, about when the next few buses will arrive at a particular bus stop.

The NextBus Live Map also orients passengers to the closest stops and routes.

Here’s how to connect with NextBus:

Download the app on your internet-enabled smartphone or tablet.

  • Access a mobile-friendly version of the NextBus webpage,, on your internet-enabled smartphone or tablet.
  • Visit on your desktop or laptop.
  • Connect with NextBus via text message by following the instructions at
  • Search for your bus route and direction on the “Glendale Beeline” access page. (The LCF Shuttle is a route of the Glendale Beeline.)

From home or from any bus stop, this passenger-friendly technology virtually eliminates waiting time by telling you exactly when the next buses will arrive at your stop so that you may determine exactly when to leave school, home or the office in order to meet the bus—or stay indoors as long as possible in the case of inclement weather.

For more information, or to access a custom trip planning tool, please visit or call 818-548-3960.