On September 15, 2020, the La Cañada Flintridge City Council passed Ordinance 494, instituting the following changes to the debris diversion requirements for Construction and Demolition (C&D) projects over 1,000 square feet:

  1. The minimum debris diversion (i.e., recycling or reuse) requirement has been increased from 50% to 65%, unless the applicant is granted an Impossibility Exemption in advance, in which case the diversion requirement shall be the maximum diversion rate attainable.
  2. Roofing projects are no longer covered by the ordinance and are not required to demonstrate debris diversion. (The hauler ordinance remains in effect, however, requiring that all debris be hauled by one of the City’s authorized hauling companies.)
  3. For full demolition/new construction projects (not additions/remodels), a separate refundable $10,000.00 Performance Security is required for both demolition and construction phases.
  4. If the City has not received any documentation regarding the debris generated by a project within 12 months after the building permit has been issued, the applicant shall have 60 days after receipt of the City’s written request to provide said documentation or forfeit the Performance Security. Multiple infractions within a two-year period will be subject to additional fines.
  5. Applicants shall have 15 days from the mailing of the City’s certified letter indicating forfeiture of a project’s Performance Security to submit a written appeal and any relevant documentation in support of the appeal to the City’s Director of Public Works.

If you have questions regarding this new ordinance, submit them below to the Public Works Department:

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