Due to a sharp increase in the number and rate of new test positive COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles County, the County Department of Public Health has issued a new order, effective Saturday evening, July 17, 2021, at 11:59 p.m., requiring that face coverings/masks be worn at all indoor public settings, venues, gatherings and businesses (including offices, retail, restaurants, theaters, family entertainment centers, meetings, and state and local government offices serving the public, among others).

Additions to the Amendment:

  • Customers, guests, and patrons are not required to wear a face covering indoors while actively eating or drinking in a stationary place, receiving personal care services that requires the removal of their face covering, or when alone in a room or office.
  • Persons in indoor private office settings need to wear a face covering.
  • DPH strongly recommends that all persons at outdoor mega-events wear a face covering at all times when not seated in their ticketed seat.

This order applies to all individuals regardless of vaccination status (i.e. BOTH vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals) and will remain in effect until further notice.

Please see the attached link for a copy of the County Department of Public Health’s latest order: Los Angeles County Health Officer Order (HOO