Thank you to the many residents who have shared their concerns and complaints regarding the recent series of Southern California Edison (SCE) power outages. The City shares in these concerns and understands the detrimental impacts these outages can have on our everyday lives. During this period of COVID-19, power outages are not merely an inconvenience, they are potentially devastating to our livelihoods, businesses, education, health and safety and ability to communicate and interact with one another both within and outside our community. The recent series of outages is unacceptable and the City is doing what it can to reiterate and emphasize to SCE their obligation and responsibility to address this problem immediately. While the City has no regulatory authority over SCE (that is handled by the CA Public Utilities Commission), we will continue to represent our residents’ frustration and disappointment. We have requested that SCE provide an update to the community within the next day or two explaining the current situation and their plan for resolving the recurring outages. The City is hopeful that SCE will heed the concerns of LCF residents and do its part. Thank you for your patience and understanding.