On Tuesday, May 26, 2020, the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health (DPH) issued a revision to the “Safer at Home” order, now called the “Safer at Work and in the Community” order. The new order is in effect Tuesday, May 26 and will be reviewed and further revised based on the progress of reducing the spread of COVID-19. This step is intended to move the County through Stage 2 of California’s Pandemic Resilience Roadmap.


The new order allows for the reopening of the following services (with appropriate restrictions and social (physical) distancing protocols required):


*Click on the respective sector to view specific DPH guidance.

  • Manufacturing and Logistics that Supply Lower-Risk Retail Businesses (florists, toy stores, bookstores, clothing stores, music stores, sporting goods stores) (DPH Protocols: Appendix C)
  • Non-Essential Office-Based Businesses (50% capacity) (DPH Protocols: Appendix D)
  • Places of Worship (25% of max occupancy/not more than 100 people) (DPH Protocols: Appendix F)
  • Indoor & Outdoor Shopping Centers (DPH Protocols: Appendix E)
  • Flea Markets, Swap Meets & Drive-In Movie Theaters
  • Multi-Unit Residence (or HOA) Pools, Saunas, and Hot Tubs (DPH Protocols)
    • This does not include community or public pools
  • Public Protests (limited to 25% of max occupancy/not more than 100 people)
  • Vehicle-Based Parades (DPH Protocols: Appendix G)

To view the official Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (DPH) Health Order, click here.

USE OF FACE COVERINGS:  People leaving their residence must comply with Social (Physical) Distancing requirements which includes wearing a cloth face covering whenever there is, or can be, contact with others who are non-household members in both public and private places.

A special e-mail address has been established to respond to concerns or questions from the community regarding the City’s response to the current crisis. Please feel free to e-mail us at covidresponse@lcf.ca.gov and the City will respond to you.